21 August 2014

Hello Everyone,

My name is Torien Worsley. I am from Charlote North Carolina and currently a Junior majoring in Computer Science. I hope to gain hands-on experience working with computer software applications and tools. I could not be more excited!


My name is Rickell Reid. I am originally from Kingston, Jamaica but I have lived in Indian Trail, North Carolina, a decent-sized town approximately 30 minutes south of Charlotte, for the past 8+ years so I consider that more as my hometown. I am a Junior Business Administration Major intending on minoring in Information Systems. With this class, I hope to get a better understanding of Information Technology, better my technical skills, and see how it relates to the business world.

Chris Nellis: A Super-Brief Introduction

Warm greetings, classmates!

My name is Chris Nellis, of Thurmond, NC! I'm an Info Sci major, and I'm a junior transfer student. I have a programming background in HTML, CSS, Java, and Python, among a strong familiarity with UNIX terminal and Windoze command line. Aside from satisfying some checkboxes on a requirement sheet, I hope that this class will give me an environment to meet more people, and to delve into my major.

I look forward to the semester :)

20 August 2014

Starters for Clients Session


What is client-server? - a definition from Whatis.com.


Radio Paradise, an independent internet radio station with a live DJ. He's the person who created KPIG's online presence and is now running RP from his home. Though RP is a small-scale outfit, it reaches a worldwide audience. The Linux world is a big fan of RP since it was created solely with open source tools


An Autopsy of a Dead Social Network. Following the collapse of the social network Friendster, computer scientists have carried out a digital autopsy to find out what went wrong. 27 Feb 2014 [Technology Review]


The Human Clock™ - A Clock Photo for Every Minute of the Day


Internet security: Kill or cure. Internet users whinge about passwords but are none too keen on the alternatives. Good news for crooks. Sep 7th 2013 | From the print edition [you can also read this via UNC Libraries' e-journals]

How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away By NICOLE PERLROTH, New York Times, Published: November 7, 2012


you will want to know about organizations that are out there campaigning for things that might be in your professional interest and we will be introduced to a number of them. It will be up to you to determine if they are working in, or against, your interests. Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility is an organization worth knowing about,


Best Free FTP Client Dating back to at least April 1971 the File Transfer Protocol is one of the oldest protocols supporting the internet and is more common than many people know. FTP clients are programs that reside on a PC and enable fast bulk file transfers between the PC and a server. They connect using File Transfer Protocol via different ports. They are very useful when you need to download or transfer more than a few files and are an essential tool for website management. You could transfer files one at a time and you could of course do it all freehand via the ftp protocol in a command window - but one of these programs will beat that any which way. No contest!


Douglas Englebart and the mouse

Hey Y'all!

My name is Jeanne Stroud. I am from Charleston, SC, but I spent the last four years in Rock Hill, SC getting my bachelor's degree in English from Winthrop University. I am now in my first year of the Master's of Library Science program, and I am focusing on school library media. The computer education I received during undergraduate was not very good, so I am greatly lacking in computer knowledge; I am excited about this class because I believe it will fill the gaps in my computer education.

Greetings and salutations

Well, hello there. My name is Stephanie Carreira. Feel free to call me any variation of my name. Most of my friends call me Steph, my very southern family calls me Stephy. I have many home towns. I suppose I would consider my home town to be Everett, Washington. I have moved around a lot and even though it has been about 11 years since I lived there, I still consider it home. I am in INLS 161 at 8AM (lots of coffee will help me with this).

I am majoring in Library science and getting my masters in such. I am pretty excited. I have been out of school for a year now and I am excited to get back in the swing of things. I know that I could have opted out of this class and just taken a test, but honestly I wanted to better myself with computer literacy. I do okay with some things, and horribly at other. Lets do this!

“Most people don't realize how important librarians are. I ran across a book recently which suggested that the peace and prosperity of a culture was solely related to how many librarians it contained. Possibly a slight overstatement. But a culture that doesn't value its librarians doesn't value ideas and without ideas, well, where are we?” ― Neil Gaiman

Chloe Karlovich's Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Chloe Karlovich! I'm a sophomore from Fredericksburg, Virginia and an English and Psychology double major. I hope to more effectively learn how to navigate the internet, learn how to use Microsoft Excel, and in general, improve my knowledge about technology. I have little to no background in how to use most computer programs besides Microsoft Word and am looking forward to gaining more knowledge, and therefore, more marketable computer skills.

Jessica Head

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica Head and I go by Jess or Jessica (they are basically interchangeable to me). I am from Cary, NC and I've lived there basically my whole life. I am a freshman, and I think I may be the only one in the class. I have declared information science as my major and I plan to apply to the school my sophomore year!

I’m really looking forward to learning how to create a website and also getting a good foundation in how to use more applications on my computer as I am not as tech savvy as I would like to be! I look forward to meeting all of you and having a great semester!

Selena Quinteros - Introduction

Hello INLS 161 Class,

My name is Selena Quinteros. My hometown is Knightdale, NC and I am a Junior. I am in the BSIS program and am minoring in Chemistry and Spanish. My plan is to go to medical school and one day use the knowledge gained at SILS to improve data management in the health field. For this class specifically, I hope to gain a better understanding of the Internet. I also want to learn how to create websites. In general I think that all of the things I will learn in this class will be useful in the future.

A re-purposed welcome to school from ITS

I received this in my email today and thought it worth sharing.

Dear Carolina Community,

Welcome – and welcome back – to all of our students, faculty and staff members. As we prepare to start the new academic year, I’d like to tell you about a few important technology-related resources and services that are available to you. Many of these resources are new or improved, so even if this isn’t your first year at Carolina, I suggest reading on.

I encourage you to bookmark these five websites. They are valuable sources of information and support covering a wide range of subject areas.

*m.unc.edu – Our new mobile site was created for the Carolina community, by students. This site makes finding information on your mobile device much easier.

*help.unc.edu – Our searchable knowledge base makes it easy to find answers. You can also submit help tickets and chat live with our Help Desk on this site.

*sakai.unc.edu – Used by thousands of courses, Sakai is our online course system. Get familiar with it now to save time during the semester.

*besafe.unc.edu – Your resource for safety issues on campus. Find the information you need to feel safe and stay informed.

*web.unc.edu – Our web publishing service allows anyone with an Onyen to create their own WordPress website at no cost.

I also suggest visiting this page: http://its.unc.edu/fall-welcome-message-chris-kielt/. You can download a PDF of an infographic that shares important information about ITS.

This is also a good time of year for a refresher on how to best protect your personal computer, identity and email accounts. We’ve included those policies and best practices at the end of this message.

Information Technology Services is here and happy to help with your technology-related needs. We have a dynamic and growing service catalog available to the university community, and encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can help meet your IT needs.

As always, you can contact the ITS Help Desk at (919) 962-HELP with your technology and support questions.

Thank you and best of luck this academic year,

Chris Kielt

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Intro to Alex Rosenbower

Hi, my name is Alex, please call me that. I am from Greensboro North Carolina and starting my junior year of college. I am majoring in Information Sciences with minors in Psychology and Spanish and was accepting into the SILS major program last year. I have a basic understanding of the purpose of many tools and programs we will be using from previous INLS classes and now I am extremely excited to learn how exactly to use them. 8:00 am is a killer though...

Maria Ramirez- Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Maria Ramirez and I recently moved from Florida to attend UNC’s Master of Science in Library Science program. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but moved to the United States when I was nine years old. I have a passion for languages and this led to me getting a bachelor of arts in German from the University of Florida. I realized early on in my search for a job that my resume had a huge gap when it came to computer skills. Most of the positions I wanted required candidates to be familiar with Excel and web design. I hope this class will not only allow me to learn those crucial technical skills that every interviewer asks for, but also demystify the language of computers and perhaps lead to a new passion.

Colleen Daw Introduction

First post!

Name: Colleen Daw, and that works as far as preferred name.
Hometown: Homewood, IL
Class: 1st semester Masters Student, Class of 2016
Major: Masters in Library Sciences, Concentration in Archives and Records Management
Hopes for Class: To learn more about  how to use various computer programs, and how they can help or be used in my future career. I have very little experience with HTML and databases so I am excited to learn as much as I can!

New Love

Hello, I'm Katie Canipe.  I'm from Salisbury, NC, but I have also lived in Kentucky and Missouri.  I am a junior at UNC currently majoring in Political Science but considering SILS or a BA in Computer Science as a second major.  I am looking forward to this class because I've recently discovered an interest in computers and how they work and what you can do with them.  This past Spring and Summer I took a couple entry-level computer science classes and realized that I really enjoy programming and building websites.   I have even made a katiecanipe.com, although it is currently under construction.  I am excited to learn more about computers and their applications in this class!

Kate Flynn

Hi everyone!

My name is Kathryn Flynn, but I go by Kate. I was born in Hilton Head Island, SC in 1986; moved to New Orleans, LA in 1995; moved to Orlando, FL in 1999; moved to Durham, NC in 2009; and moved to Chapel Hill in June of this year.

I'm a first year within the MSLS program at SILS. I have a BA in Anthropology and double-minored in Classics and Religion at the University of Florida. I have a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) from Duke Divinity School. The plan is merge my MSLS degree with my MDiv and work in a seminary as a theological librarian.

I realized this summer that the last time I had an actual computer class was somewhere around 1997. Anything I've needed to learn since then, I've either googled, asked a friend, or figured out on my own. I want to have a more robust and consistent understanding of primary computing tools first for myself, but also in order to be more competitive post-SILS.

19 August 2014

Sarah Moody-Introduction

My name is Sarah Moody and I am from Whiteville, North Carolina. I usually tell people that I am from a small town near Wilmington, North Carolina, since many don't know where Whiteville is (unless they are going to the beach)!

I am a sophomore and have yet to declare a major. However, I am seriously considering applying to the BSIS program and double majoring in mathematical decision sciences. I hope that this class will allow me to develop new skills and learn more about topics in which I have always had an interest.

Kellie Carter Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Kellie and I am from Morehead City, North Carolina.  Usually people have no idea where that is, so I tell them it is right by Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach.  I absolutely love it here in Chapel Hill, but I will always be a beach girl at heart.

I am a junior and was accepted into the BSIS program last semester.  I am also a Political Science double major, and hoping to work someday as a data analyst for a government organization.  However, as a newer student to the program, I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge because IS has so much to offer in so many different fields.  

In this class, I am hoping to obtain a deep understanding of database concepts.  I am excited to familiarize myself with Microsoft Excel and to also use the concepts from this class in future internships and jobs.  In this course, I am also excited to get to know everyone better and to establish networks within SILS!  I am very excited about this course.

Stephanie Chien: The Intro

Hi! My name is Stephanie Chien and I go by Stephanie. I was born in Arlington, Texas, but I've basically lived in Cary, North Carolina (which is about 30 minutes away from Chapel Hill) for most of my life. I'm a sophomore who wants to major in public health, specifically nutrition, with an IS minor. I'm taking this class because it's a part of the IS minor curriculum, and also because I want to learn more about Microsoft Office tools (specifically Excel) as well as being able to create my own website.

Larissa Jones

Hello everyone! My name is Larissa Jones and I go by Larissa. I am from Catawba, NC, which is a small one-stoplight town with lots of farms and cows. It can be a pain when I'm trying to drive around, especially since the local high school has a tractor day, on which everyone drives their tractor to school. I've lived there my whole life, so adjusting from a dead-end dirt road to university life was a bit difficult, but I've enjoyed all the opportunities that I get here that I wouldn't be able to get in Catawba.

I am a junior with a double major in computer science and information science and a minor in English.
I hope to learn more about databases from this course. Big data is such an important part of our society and it's important that we know how to manage it and have the ability to use it for various tasks. Good luck everyone!

Rachel Sanders Intro

Hi everyone!  My name is Rachel Sanders, and I go by Rachel; no nickname unless you think of a fun one!  I am originally from Durham, NC but now my family is in High Point, NC, close to where I got my B.A. in History (UNCG).  While at UNCG I also earned a minor in Spanish and a minor in Classical Studies.  I have studied abroad during two separate summers in Rome and Madrid, and I hope to travel more!

I live in Carrboro for purposes of grad school but do not consider it home.  I'm a first year MSLS student, and my biggest hope for this class is that I will learn how to program and edit websites.  I really have no understanding of computer programming and I'm very nervous, but hopefully this will be manageable for me!  I have no experience with Microsoft Access either.

My career goal is to become an academic librarian specializing in event coordination, new student outreach, user services and accessibility, and instruction.  As you can probably tell, I am a lover of the Oxford comma and will use it frequently!

Intro to Jason Wang

Hey all! As I said in the title, my name is Jason Wang; no nicknames are necessary. I'm from Wilmington, NC; but I've also spent a little bit of time in both Jacksonville, NC and Cary. I am a junior currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering, but I'm going for an IS minor. I've done a small amount of programming for a design course, and am currently learning about what Google scripts is currently capable of (but there is still a lot for me to learn about data transfer and how information flows between things). Currently I'm hoping to specifically master the nuances of Access, but understanding more about the rest of the Microsoft Office family is also on the to-do list. This semester looks like a promising one!

Brian Leonard -- Intro and Hello

Hi, I'm Brian Leonard, and I go by Brian. I'm from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, born and raised. It's about an hour away from Chapel Hill, but my city is a lot different from a college town like this.

I just started my senior year, and I'm planning on graduating by next fall. Before I transferred to UNC a year ago, I was a psychology major. Now, I'm in the process of getting into SILS as an Information Science major.

My goals in this class are 1) Get some more training in software tools like MS Excel and MS PowerPoint (important for that resume) and 2) have this class as an introduction to the other web development classes here.

That is a quick summary of who I am and why I'm here. I'm looking forward to working with you!

The Australian


I'm Mark Riddle, the big, bearded Australian guy.  I'm originally from country South Australia, living in towns with populations ranging between 200 to 14,000 people but have since lived in Taichung, Taiwan and Istanbul, Turkey.  I was also a journalist for a few years in a town called Katherine, which is about 100 miles or so from where Crocodile Dundee was set.

I'm doing my Masters in Library Science and plan to be a Youth Services librarian - I've spent the past eight years working as an ESL Kindergarten Teacher, Pre-school Teacher and Manny.  One thing I plan to get out of this class is how to build a proper website - my horribly un-updated blog about my budding writing career is here: http://pigeatingtortoise.com/

Aside from that, good luck all with the class.

Week of Welcome Information Science Session

There will be pizza!

Eugene Bang: Meetin' the Asian kid who sits in that corner

Hello there! My name is Eugene Bang, but you can call me Jin, Gene, Jinny, etc. I was born in Batavia, Illinois, several miles away from Chicago. I moved to Fayetteville, NC in 1999 and have lived there ever since.

I am a Junior who just can't make a decision for his life. I am literally on the edge about several topics that I wish to major on such as Economics, Information Science, Computer Science and Chemistry. At this time, I am heavily leaning on obtaining a BSIS and a B.A. in Computer Science with a minor in entrepreneurship.

I am hoping to interact with many people who have similar interests (Gaming, Tech Analysis) and that this class will help me expand my curiosity to broader horizons. In other words, talk to me! I feel sad when I sit alone in a room with no one to talk to...

Don't forget to label your posts with your name

If you don't do it when you create the post, you can come back to edit the post and add them. The labels, or tags, are a form of useful metadata.

Remember to always tag/label your postings.

This was originally published on 08 September 2012 and 20 October 2012, but it deserves a new life. If I don't find your posts, you may not get credit for your work. Word to the wise.

Look to the lower part of the column to the right of the blog roll and you will see a tag cloud. This shows you the tags (or labels) that have been applied to posts. Click on a tag and you will see all the posts that share that tag.

For this class, always be in the habit of labeling your posts with, at a minimum, your name. It would be good were you to also add labels that indicate the topic of the posting, but always include your name.

You may want to go back to re-tag/re-label your earlier posts. It makes my life easier if I ask the blog to show me all the posts by a certain individual. You don't want me to overlook your work.

About me-- Shannon Young

Hi! My name is Shannon Young, and I am from Red Lion, Pennsylvania. I am a first year MSLS student, and I'm focusing on public libraries and youth services. I'm not the best with technology, so I'm hoping this class will give me a more firm foundation for everything I'll be doing here in the next two years.

Rachel Hinrichs

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel, and I'm from St. Louis, MO. I have an undergraduate degree in history, and recently completed a master's degree in nutrition. I've lived in the Triangle area for a couple of years now, and wouldn't mind staying here.  Currently I'm a graduate student in SILS, pursuing a degree in library science. I am interested in health science libraries and medical informatics.

Most of what I know about computers is either self-taught or just from snippets in classes, and so I'd like to get a good foundation for understanding computers and technology. I'm most looking forward to learning about databases and HTML.

Sara Paschal - About Me

My name is Sara Paschal (pronounced Pas-kall). You can call me Sara. I am from Reidsville, North Carolina, an hour northwest of here.

I am a first semester MSLS student (Masters, Library Science) in INLS 161-001. I received my undergrad Marketing degree from the Joseph M. Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNC Greensboro in 2012. For the last two years I worked as a contract writer and analyst for a reinsurance intermediary (a company that coordinates data and contracts between insurance companies and re-insurers to prevent insurance companies from going broke in the case that some natural disaster or catastrophe involves a large number of their policies) in Burlington, NC. A year ago I decided to pursue a masters degree that could help me attain my dream of working in the preservation of rare and ancient books, documents and artifacts.

By taking this class I hope to brush up on my skills in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Access, and to begin learning how to construct websites and databases. This will give me a digital edge in a hands-on field.

INLS161-001 is moving to Manning Hall, room 307

Because it looks like we will have an overlarge class for the 0800 class, we will be moving ourselves upstairs to room 307. Room 307 is at the top of the stairs on the Lenoir side of the building. It is a much larger room with seats for everyone, but you will have to bring your laptop with you to class.

But that should not be a problem as you will want to do everything on your own laptop anyway. When we get to MSAccess, we can use the ITS Virtual Lab.

Hey, I'm Matthew Stormont

Hello everyone, my name is Matthew Stormont but everyone can just call me Matt.  I am a sophomore from Charlotte North Carolina, but I'm closer to Huntersville if anyone knows where that is.  I am double majoring in computer science and information science.  I've already taken an intro to web design course so I am slightly familiar with HTML and CSS but I am looking forward to expanding on my knowledge during this class.  I am hoping to get a better understanding of information tools out of this class, as well as more information on the information science field in general.  I'm looking forward to seeing where this semester goes!

Introducing... Emily Hazelton!

Greetings ya'll!

My name (as seen above), is Emily Hazelton. I go by Emily unless you can think of a clever nickname that you prefer to use. I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have senior status at UNC-CH but will graduate in the Fall of 2015 rather than the Spring. I am a transfer student so I'm taking advantage of my extra semester next Fall, also because I recently decided to change my major to INLS!

Honestly I am eager to learn everything on the syllabus for this class right now and really can't confidently say what I'm super into yet as far as what is under the INLS umbrella. I am leaning more towards an interest in HTML and databases right now. I can easily stay on the computer way too long so why not be doing something useful, right?!

Non-major related I work at the Art Library on campus and teach two yoga classes a week at Rams Head Rec. Center so stop by and say hey!

Elizabeth Hannigan

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Hannigan and I am from Hartford, Connecticut. I currently am a Graduate student in SILS -pursuing my Masters in Library Science, class of 2016.  In this class, I hope to gain a stronger background in technology to help me with my coursework in SILS.

Hi, it's Grace Naylor


I'm Grace. My actual name is Margaret Naylor, but I've always gone by my middle name. I was born and raised in Lewes, Delaware, which--if you're at all familiar with Delaware--is very close to Rehoboth Beach. I am still getting used to sales tax and hills here in NC. 

I majored in Sociology at my undergrad, Ohio Wesleyan University, which coincidentally is in Delaware, Ohio. I have a strong background and interest in research and am passionate about studying the institutions of class and race. This is my first year as a graduate student here at UNC. I will spend the next two years pursuing my master's in Library Science. I am in 161.001, 8:00AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What I would like to get out of this class is a long-term, functional understanding of computers and the software within. I am particularly interested in databases, as those will have a significant presence in both my work here as a Library Science student and in what I hope will eventually be an LS-relevant career. I have a very basic understanding of HTML, but otherwise I have little to no experience in computer and info tech.

Erin Baucom's Introduction


My name is Erin Baucom. I come from Suffolk, Virginia which is part of the Hampton Roads Region. I majored in History at Old Dominion University. I am here at Chapel Hill for my Master's of Science in Library Sciences. I hope to graduate with my Master's in 2016. I am in the 8:00 class on Tuesday and Thursday. I really hope to learn more about HTML. I was only briefly exposed to it when I was in 8th grade and would love to learn more.

18 August 2014

Starters for intro session


The History of Computing Project


  • where it all began - the first commercial internet radio station - KPIG, 107 Oink 5 in Freedom, California
  • the first non-commercial internet radio station - WXYC, from right here in Chapel Hill


The Story of Why HTML5 Matters Progress is finally being made on the next version of the open programming standard that originally made the Web blossom. [TechReview]


In an ideal world, people don’t judge a book by its cover. In the real world, however, they do.In fact, they really do.


The age of smart machines: Brain work may be going the way of manual work. May 25th 2013 |From the print edition. [you can read these via UNC Libraries]


if you are interested in Information Science, consider joining the Association of Computing Machinery. Don't be put off by the name, it's one of the major sources of sound information about the state of the art in information science. Take a look at these reasons for why you might want to join.


the email riddler, one way to simultaneously give people an email link to reach you while hiding that link from spam link harvesters.


Grace Hopper, the discoverer of the computer bug

13 June 2014

Alternatives to MS PowerPoint: OpenOffice Impress

In case anyone is interested, I found this tutorial from Apache OpenOffice that describes how to make the most of the features of OpenOffice Impress, the equivalent to Microsoft's PowerPoint. This tutorial is a relatively long PDF that goes through formatting your slides, adding slide transitions, adding image animations, importing your own custom logo, and changing the background of your presentation in Impress. The last page, page 54, outlines the differences between PowerPoint and OpenOffice. I would recommend looking over that list to see if you'd prefer to use PowerPoint. If you can live without the features listed on that page that are absent in Impress, then feel free to download the OpenOffice suite and try Impress. If you have any questions about the software while you're using it, post a comment here or check the wiki for FAQs or tutorials pertaining to your issue.

12 June 2014

Privacy and data

Since we are in a class that deals with data representation I thought this article was one that would be of interest to those of you that find data representation interesting.  The article is about how computers are becoming better then humans at telling if someone is lying through facial recognition.  The scary part is that a research team at the University of California, San Diego are developing an app for Google Glass that will have this feature in it.  The article goes on to say that if we combine the facial recognition capabilities with voice recognition, we could have portable lie detectors. Good, right? Well not so much, because white lies are what have been used for years for social cohesion.  The article goes on to say this could very well be the biggest invasion of privacy ever.  Not only will it be available to government and police, but also to the consumer market.  Imagine going to a job interview and knowing that this is the technology you face.  Who hasn't padded their resume? 

Changing the Way We Interact With Touchscreens

In the age of ubiquitous touchscreens, we are surprisingly limited in the way we now interact with our ever increasing arsenal of technologies.  In 2007, Steve Jobs first presented the iPhone, but maybe more importantly, he introduced a new type of touchscreen and way of interacting with it.  

Now, a new start up called Qeexo’s is looking to make a change to that paradigm.  We used to have multiple keys and a mouse and much finer control over our devices.  And now, with more advanced and a more diverse system of electronics, we have limited much of our interface interaction to just a finger.  Now, companies have done a lot to extend the usefulness of our finger tool, but it still cannot compare to the usefulness of "old-style" input tools like full keyboards and mice.  

Qeexo's goal is create software that allows us to use our screens with more than just our fingertips.  The software called FingerSense, is supposed to differentiate between the fingertip, knuckle, fingernail, and external stylus.  Each of these input tools can extend the capability of your touch-enabled devices.  

A challenge that they face however, is standardization.  The beauty of the keyboard and mouse is everyone knew how to use them.  There is no variation between different companies implementation of the keyboard.  One can expect that they can type on the keys and produce the same thing across all platforms.  

Towards the future, Qeexo's hopes to extend the interface to wall and surface control as well as body input for the new trend in wearable tech. 

For an extended article on Qeexo's mission, future plans, and more details, this link to a Wired.com breakdown is really useful.